Newman Custom Reporting Options

I am currently exploring options for building out a new Rest/JSON based automation framework. One of my requirements is around reporting and I was hoping to get some advice here.

I have seen the NewMan CLI reporter and the html etra reporter. I like the html extra reporter, however, per my understanding it would be a local report only to the machine executing the scripts. Is there a way to use html extra in a way it goes to a centralized repository and could even roll up into a dashboard of sorts?

Also, a few other reporting tools i’ve been exploring are ReportPortal and Extent Reports (specifically the klov reporter). Does NewMan offer any way to report test cases using these existing reporting tools?

Last question - could i report to a SQL server DB if i’m planning to write my own custom reporting site?

I know i asked a lot but I appreciate all of the information I can get.

@jmagee Welcome to the community.

Great questions! So this is something that I know some of my co-workers are tackling right now. Are you running your tests on any sort of CI/CD server? If so, you should be able to push the created reports to a central location easily.
Same with pushing to an SQL DB.

However all this processing would exist outside of the the Newman application. If running in a Ci/CD environment there are plug-ins that may do what you need or you can create some scripts that can do this work.

In the end, this is something that is completely do-able.

Hey @jmagee

Like @tmccann mentioned, this is totally do able but it will happen outside of Newman. If you create a project and use Newman as a library, you could also bring in other modules to help you out.

I created a mini project to show how this could be done using AWS S3, to store the reports from the Newman runs.

Working with other integrations, like the ones you mentioned, would need a new reporter created. This is something that can be do and I’m sure others in the community would love to see these created too.

You can create anything to like to send the data from Newman somewhere in a format you want.

There is some more information about creating custom reporters on the Newman documentation.