Newman collection runner requires SUDO for a specific collection only

I am doing a POC for my employer and I would like to show a form login using postman. I have the collection made and exported for use with NEWMAN.JS for CLI but I am having some very strange behaviors with a specific collection. I have to use the SUDO command or the the request will time out with read ECONNRESET . Sudo newman run collection.json will work, HOWEVER just newman run collection.json will result in a time out. Whats even stranger is that I made simple request to and I can run that WITHOUT using sudo. Is there an option I missed somewhere? Why does this specific collection require root user?

Hi @Ricky_Stansbury,

Welcome to the Postman community! I have a question, can you check if the destination you have saved the collection.json file requires root access?, I would move the collection.json file to another directory which you are sure doesnt require root access and try again, further information about newman and its capabilities can be found on the following link:

Let me know if that solved your problem.

Thats a good thought, however both collections are in same directly. The google.json, which does not use SUDO and the collection I am trying to test which does. I was hoping there is something in postman/newman to run it without root user, since I would be placing this on my enterprise CI.