Newman Allure report / Newman HTML report - Skipped tests are displayed as Pass

Tests that are getting skipped are reported as Pass in the Allure report / HTML report.

When I run the test from postman, I can see individual tests with pass, fail and skipped status.

When I run the same test from collection runner, it shows pass and fail (excludes the skipped count)

When I run the same test from Jenkins using the Newman command, it shows the skipped results as pass.

Has anyone come across this issue or can anyone suggest a solution for this issue?

By the way, these are the test that are skipped using the conditional test below.
(!pm.iterationData.get(“var1”) ? pm.test.skip : pm.test)("Info matches with the input csv - " + pm.iterationData.get(“var1”), () => {

If you’re needing a reporter that shows the skipped tests, then you could check this out: