Newbie questions on curl, API keys, API secrets

I’m doing some audio editing and I’ve been trying to access the Dolby enhance API to enhance some of my audio files. They don’t really allow you to just upload the files and have them enhanced, but rather you have to access their API. This is the first time ever doing this, and I’m only really doing this to enhance my own audio files.

This is the site in question and they provide some sample code.

I’m using Postman online and it seems to have problems with the following line:

AUTH=$(echo $APP_KEY:$APP_SECRET | tr -d ‘\n’ | base64)

I get an incorrect format error. I have to send my API key and secret but I don’t know how to format this correctly.

I’m also willing to use the Python or javascript code they provided. I just need some way to access the API.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m a complete newbie with this.


I can’t get that curl command to import directly.

However, Dolby appear to have their own collection with examples. Dolbyio

The authentication request is here.

!Authentication | Media APIs | Postman API Network

You should be able to fork the collection and all you need to do is save your app-key and app-secret to the appropriate environment variable.

However, I’ll quickly go through the elements here for you.

It has an authorization helper at the collection level which contains the app-key and app-secret. (Please store in an environment variable, and in the current value, not in the initial value please).

The request itself needs the Content-Type header like following.


The body is fairly straight forward and matches the content type.

Finally, there is a bit of code in the tests tab to save the access token in the response to a bearer-token variable.

var data = JSON.parse(responseBody)

pm.environment.set("bearer-token", data.access_token)

pm.test("Status code is 200", function () {; });

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