(newbie here) trying to get new access token, failing at it

Also, these might be why i do not get a response but I have checked multiple times and it seems to be fine

Why this might have happened:

  • The server couldn’t send a response:

Ensure that the backend is working properly

  • Self-signed SSL certificates are being blocked:

Fix this by turning off ‘SSL certificate verification’ in Settings > General

  • Proxy configured incorrectly

Ensure that proxy is configured correctly in Settings > Proxy

  • Request timeout:

Change request timeout in Settings > General

It could be that I need to use an access token, if so…

How do I input the right access token URL, secret, and Scope?

I have sent a GET request from my company CRM but there was no response, I figured it might be that I need to get a new access token and input into somewhere. However when I do that it comes up with nothing. Sorry if this has been posted before but I could not find it.

Hi @Gouresh! Happy to help you get started. To take it back a step, could you speak to what you’re looking to achieve with Postman? I recommend checking out your CRM’s developer documentation — they’ll likely have a tutorial or quick-start guide to walk you through their authentication flow. They’ll also show you how to register your application with the CRM, which you’ll need to do in order to gain items like a client secret or client ID.

Hello Claire!

I have my client secret and ID, I created them. I am looking to use Postman to test API into my CRM.

@Gouresh okay great! Are you using an API to access your CRM or are you looking to test an API?

Hello Claire!

I am looking to access my CRM using an API. Problem is, I get connection errors before I even start. Proxy issues and such, however I don’t see the issue. Would a screenshot of the error message help?


Hey Gouresh — I’m a bit stuck here as to how to debug this or where to point you to. If you could provide more information on the proxy you’re using and confirm you should have access to the company CRM via this route, that may be helpful.