New collection being removed when restarting Postman

I’m adding my company API collection but it is being removed whenever I restart Postman and I’m not sure why. I am adding the collection by going to “Collections” tab on the far left pane >> click “Import” >> navigate to the json file >> click “import”. The collection is created as expected but how do I save it so it’s there each time I open Postman. I’ve never had this issue in the past so I feel like something has changed since I last updated our collection…?

I did notice the “Save” icon on the right is grayed out but I have a couple of other saved collections so I’m a bit confused.

Hey @spacecraft-saganist :wave: Welcome to Postman Community!! :tada:

Sorry to hear you are facing an issue with saving imported collections to your workspace.
It sounds like an unexpected behavior and we would need to investigate in detail to troubleshoot.

In order to investigate further, could you please submit a support request from the following link?

This seems to have resolved itself and its saved now. Weird…