Neuman does not update cart quantity

Hi guys, I have a post request in a postman collection that adds a product to a cart depending on the quantity specified on the request body. The cart uses cookies.

I want to increase the quantity of the product after every run on Newman.

The functionality works perfectly on postman but does not work why running on newman from an external json file i.e. the quantities do not increase after successive runs on newman but does increase on postman.

I need suggestions on possible solutions/ workarounds to resolve this.

Hi @blaise67, welcome to the community :wave:

Can you provide us with some more context? Are you receiving the right response in Newman, or you are seeing any errors?

One thing I can think of is if your collection relies on environmental variables and you are not passing the environment itself, that might be causing the issue.

Please provide us with some information/screenshot on how exactly you send your requests in Postman