Multiple requests at the same time

Is it possible to send multiple requests at the same time to confirm that a race condition will occur?
If possible, what would you do?

This would be practically impossible with any tool, no limited to Postman due to the nature of the HTTP protocol and how things are being sent over a network.

Define “same time”. Sending two requests at the same time does not guarantee they will arrive at the same time.

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If amount of same request is not limited I will use newman.
Create small collection with some random short timer ( to slow down process for 10-30ms) on the request that need to have race condition.
And execute in two terminals both of them in a loop of a 100 or 1000 execution. But this is not perfect and depend of API you can create small DDOS :slight_smile:
This sleep will create a possible way to send two request in close proximity of time but as @vdespa said it is technically impossible at least from same machine. So only hope is to scale up amount of requests.

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