Multiple request based on CSV


I’m newbie with the usage of Postman (already done some things but probably 1% of capacities I guess).

I’m trying to push a set of command based on a POST of some json.

But I can’t find a way to send them to a lot of “url”.
I’m explaining : I’m using POSTMAN to send XML to remote IP.
I know I can set a variable into my POST based on the “Environnements”.
But I’m wondering If I want to push the XML to thousand IP, of course I don’t want to create a thousand Environnements or duplicate the URL by replacing the IP…etc.

I want to know if it’s possible to lauch a Collection based on a CSV for example and using a URL : https://{ip}/putxml

I know I can use the CSV for the body but I want to use one for the URL.

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You can use a csv to do that. Just make sure you have an ip column and make sure you put the variable in the url and it will work no problem.


Indeed, after your clue I’m going deeper and the tips is :

  • Into collection runner: don’t select Envrionnement
  • use basic auth

Into the url : https://{{ip}}/putxml
Into the basic auth : {{login}} / {{pass}}

Into the CSV should have the 3 column with :

  • ip
  • login
  • pass

And it works !

Hope this help

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