Missing Debug Session

When I start either a Proxy or Interceptor capture, no Debug Session tab appears. Traffic appears in the history, so I know that both the proxy and Interceptor are working but I cannot find the Debug Session anywhere.

Am I doing something wrong? Where do I need to look?

I am using Postman 9.19.0 on an Intel-based Mac on OSX Monterey.

Are there any screenshots you can share? This can help better understand what you are experiencing.

I am not sure what to take a screen shot of because there is nothing to see but here goes … you can see the little red bubble in the upper-right hand corner indicating that the proxy is enabled. There is no tab or window for a proxy debug session as explained here

Did you click at the bottom of Postman on “Capture requests”?

I do not have “Capture Requests” at the bottom of Postman. I do have this in the Capture requests and cookies dialog, which appears when clicking the little satellite dish icon in the upper right-hand corner. The red bubble on that same icon indicates that it is enabled.

I see identical behavior in Postman 9.16.0 in Linux. The documentation feels like it refers to an older version and this behavior feels like an error/regression but I am new to Postman so I do not know what it looked like when it worked.

The latest version I have is Version 9.20.3.

I am not sure if this appears because you are not logged in or have a different Postman version.

Postman claims that is up to date at 9.19.0 for me on the Mac.

Is it working correctly for you? Are you able to log out from Postman and test?