Manual run works but schedule runs doesn't make any changes in Postman

My postman collection runs fine when i run it manually but When I schedule a run outside office hours in postman everyday it doesn’t run or make any changes as intended. I am trying to make changes to my shotgrid account everyday using postman api

As you can see, it feels like it ran but unfortunately i dont find the changes in Shotgrid account

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The same problem, after research I think the problem in Enviroments&Variables. I have 2 tokens, and the first token runs in Pre-requests (and set Globals), after the main request gives a response 200.

But I know that “If you run scheduled to run, the request will run throw postman servers” and I think that Variables doesn’t work, how it needs.

Hey all!

@kartmun is on the right track. A scheduled run will additionally run using the default values for your variables, not the current values. This is a common error people seem to run into.

If you can provide some additional logging and review the console, that may help you find the issue :slight_smile:

I think that I need to make a .csv file for scheduled runs, right? I just add all variables into it?

Why then choose the environment in the settings for a scheduled run??

Okay, I ran it with a csv file, there are no problems, except for one, I use a lot of variables (in Header & Body + Pre-request + tests ) , and as I understand it When I run it through postman, there is no concept of working with dynamic variables, or I don’t right?