Lost in Space - clarification on Solar Arrays svg

I’ve been slowly iterating through the Lost in Space exercises.

For the Solar Arrays scenario, I am seeking some clarification on terminology.

I went to: Postman API Platform | Postman Enterprise and inspected the html.

Per the hints, “html element can have child elements. find something with 10 children.”

Per Jacqueline’s files and emails, we appear to be looking for the 8th child.

The last hint instructs us to:
‘Find the name of SVG name of the icon’.

This should allow us to then define “icon_name” as a collection variable:

In reviewing the html, I could not locate this scenario; perhaps due to a change in the page, or my lack of experience. I opted for brute force, and used a script to return all of the unique instances of ‘.svg’ in the html file.

There are 19 unique instances with ‘.svg’, listed alphabetically in the screenshot:

Using line #17 as an example:

I’m not sure how to define {{icon_name}} to get the post to run successfully.

Should I be passing in something like “yt-icon.svg” in - or would it be “logo/external/yt-icon.svg”?? We include the file extension name, correct?

I am hoping that I’m on the correct path here, but would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you.

Hey @posterisdead :wave:

I might need to walk through this challenge again, there have been a number of changes to the various website pages since this was created.

Just to make sure things are both valid on the documentation and the automation that’s checking in the background.

Leave this with me, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. :pray:

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Updated my initial post.