Lost in Space quest progress stall


Recently I found this Lost in Space quest from Postman and decided to try it out. While I found some of the puzzles easy, the other ones left me completely confused. I would like to ask if you still can complete the quest, and if you do, for some help with it.

Here are the puzzles that I wasn’t able to solve:

1) Habitation modules
Solving process:

It is not obvious what the answer is for the US module. The hints do not provide any information on what the answer should be too.
JP: iloveyou
US: start/beginning/firstelement/index0/zeroindex/0/secret - still can’t solve this
EU: 1
RU: 2

2) Radiators
Solving process:

The hints tell you to look up the “Save the Postman Space Station” quest (this is the workspace link that you get as a result. It is also hinted that the workspace description has to have the bold text, but to be honest I don’t see any bold text except for the title of the workspace which isn’t particularly bold, but more of a header:

I tried to convert the title to Base64:
but it seems that it is not the right answer. I also completed that quest and tried to convert the string consisting of 5 answers to Base64, but that didn’t help either

3) Solar Arrays
Solving process:

So the puzzle wants you to find a name of an SVG icon on the Postman Entertprise page. There’s also a hint that there should be an element that has 10 children and an image that hints that you should look for an 8th one:

I tried to search for such a group of elements with the most obvious selector :nth-child(10) which gives you 8 results, but sadly none of them are related to icons.
None of the *.svg files available on the page are fitting for an answer too:

I would be very grateful to anyone willing to help!

Hey @swordy777 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

Maybe we can work together on this - I’ll help you out with the first one but I can’t tell you all of them… :smiley:

  1. US Answer - Looks to me like it’s pointing to the topSecret one :wink:
    "secret 👈",
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Thanks Danny!
I can’t believe it was right in front of me the whole time!

But I wonder if other puzzles are as simple too :sweat_smile:

Maybe - Can you walk me through what you did for the next one you’re stuck on, let’s get that one sorted too :heart:

Thanks for helping out!

Here’s the Radiators puzzle progress in more detail:

  • Let’s start with gathering hints. Here’s the response to the request to the /garvey endpoint:
    "from": "Garvey Cole",
    "message": "Hei! The radiators aren't going to fix themselves. I don't have time to help. Look at my tips for finding the secret passphrase.",
    "code_location": "Take on a side mission and **Save the Postman Space Station**.",
    "tips": {
        "tip_1": "I suggest that you search for this puzzle.",
        "tip_2": "Be **bold**.",
        "tip_3": [
        "tip_4": "Good luck!"
    "plans": "https://www.postman.com/pricing/",
    "careers": "https://www.postman.com/company/careers/open-positions/",
    "audio": "https://lost-in-space-puzzle-hunt.s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/garveyCole.mp3"
  • And also 4 /radiators hints:
{hint_1: "Search for 'Save the Postman Space Station' in Postman."}
{hint_2: "Search for the workspace using the Postman search bar in the Postman app."}
{hint_3: "Look for the bold text in the workspace description."}
{hint_4: "The encoding algorithm is found in surveillance, and will be identified as surveillance."}

Side note: unlike with collections in “Lost in Space”, here the original collection is not available:
What if it is not the right workspace to investigate?

  • Hint 3 tells us to check the workspace description; let’s click on it:

  • And then expand the description:

  • Hint 3 states that we have to look for the bold text in the description. But by the look of it there is none, and that’s where I’m stuck

Hey @swordy777

Having gone through and looked at few things again, I think there might have been some product based updates, since this challenge was created and parts of the missions are not lining up anymore.

I’m not the person that created this so I couldn’t give you a solution, I might need to call on either @jetison or @w4dd325 for inputs here :pray:

Great, this means it is definitely not me misunderstanding the assignment :sweat_smile:

Hope the creators behind the challenge will bring some light on how to deal with the radiators and solar arrays puzzles!

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