Lost in Space, Access Habitation Configuration


I’m just as lost as other astronauts in the Habitation Module,

I think I am fine with

  • ‘I Love ewe’
  • not quite sure about ’ first secret’
  • 5
  • 2

Let me know what is wrong here.

Also, checked all the hints for the habitation Modules, found out base64 as well, but not quite sure what to do with this? Tried encoding the answers and then storing them to the collection variable, yet no success.

Any response much appreciated,

Hi @bbahadur
The first answer is close, given the phrase you have, what’s another way of saying ewe? (also try with and without spaces - this caught me out)

The second answer is close again, if its first in the list, you could also say, "at the … "

Double-check your working out on the 3rd answer.

Hey! @w4dd325 :wave:

Thanks for the response, @dannydainton already helped me with it and I managed to complete the challenge.
Thanks for the response though :+1: