Environemt/URLEncode mystery

all of a sudden I am getting environment problems - newman (and monitor) no longer interprets variables but gives back untranslated URI instead

POST {{prot}}{{host}}{{port}}/login

Error: Invalid URI “http:///%7B%7Bprot%7D%7D%7B%7Bhost%7D%7D%7B%7Bport%7D%7D/login”

@alschytt How are you referencing the environment during the newman run?

thank you for your concern. The problem have disappeared for now.

Firstly i experienced the problem in the monitor, then I - in accordance with postman recommandations - tried newman, where I experienced a similar behavior.

After working with the problem for a few days I found the reason for my trouble; in the monitor my first test (a login) failed because of a configuration change in my program, and the following tests somehow ‘lost the environment’.

My following newman tests failed for a more mundane reason; I forgot an ‘-e’ before environment.

So my troubles with this subject have ended …they were mostly my own.