Looking to find help creating a meraki usage report for each site

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My question:
I need help getting the GET below to work in POSTMAN.

Details (like screenshots):
Cisco Meraki - Create with the Meraki Platform

How I found the problem:
Not a problem an inquiry to resolve a request from management to show usuage for WAN 1 interfaces who has DIA as a circuit.

I’ve already tried:
Contacted support they said to come here—

I am new to APIs and Postman so its been struggle. I was able to work with some collections online to get them to work but looking to get the one supplied in details to work in postman to fulfil my managers request.

If you have just started learning Postman, I recommend using the Learning Centre first and you may not struggle so much.

Postman Galaxy Training | Postman API Network

Run through the “APIs 101 Training”, then the “Testing and Automation Training” course.

Do those courses first, and if you are still having issues, you need to post screenshots of the request detailing what you need help with.