Looking to do a simple calculation


I’m running a script which gets some data from api 1, puts into variables and then uses those variables in a XML post API.
Sadly some things have changed and the value I get from api 1 is no longer import-ready for the XML Api. I would have to do a simple calculation.

Var 1 * var 2 results in var 3.

I know how to populate var 1 and 2, but I can’t figure out how I should do a simple calculation (for now it’s a * but could also be / or +).
Do I need to use an external api to do this?

I’ll be using an external mathJS api to do this. If any other options, always welcome.

Hi @v.verhulst,

Yes, you can write your own functions to do the math for you :star_struck:

Please check my public workspace,

This might be useful, give it a try. Waiting to hear from you!!