Convert string to number, then do basic math on it

My question:

How can I do basic math on a value I’ve put into a variable?


I’m working with a json response that has a value like this:
“cv”: “637910086836261707^b25e14ec-0a15-e911-83b7-0a419fa6a2a1^01816e3c-be80-44f3-9629-e9ac6ea6e141^0^204.123.456.55”,

That first part is a custom time stamp value. I have accomplished stripping that part out and making a variable of it, thanks to the instructions here: Extract string from response

Now what I need to do is:

  1. convert this to a number (I assume this would be step 1)
  2. then do some addition to this value
  3. and finally set the new value as a collection variable

e.g. timestamp in response above is 637910086836261707. I have put it into a collection variable called “trk_request_ts”. What I would like to do now is basically this…

var new_timestamp = {{trk_request_ts}} + 10000000


I figured it out, will provide my code here in case it helps someone else with the same need in the future.

I added this to the tests section of my first request. Then I can use the variable created in the last line (trk_request_ts_new) in all my future requests.

var response = pm.response.json();

// get the first part of the cv key (the timestamp value) and put it into a collection variable

let cvString = pm.response.json().cv;

pm.collectionVariables.set(“trk_request_ts”, cvString.split(‘^’)[0]);

// log the value

console.log("tracking request timestamp is " + pm.collectionVariables.get(“trk_request_ts”));

// parse string to a number so we can do some arithmetic on it, and log it

var trk_request_ts_int = parseInt(pm.collectionVariables.get(“trk_request_ts”));

console.log("trk_request_ts as a number is " + trk_request_ts_int);

// add 10 million to the timestamp, and log it

var trk_request_ts_new = (trk_request_ts_int + 10000000);

console.log("new timestamp is " + trk_request_ts_new);

// put it in a collection variable for later use

pm.collectionVariables.set(“trk_request_ts_+_1_min”, trk_request_ts_new);