License in regard to redistributing the Postman app


The rules for redistributing Newman are clear from its Apache License 2.0 (newman/ at develop · postmanlabs/newman · GitHub). As far as I understand is the license document for the Postman app. It is not clear to me from the terms whether it is allowed to redistribute the Postman app.

My situation is that I am preparing an artifact for a paper, and I have included a downloaded copy of the free version of the Postman app in the artifact. I use the Postman app in the artifact to allow users to interact with my application which only has a REST interface. The Postman app is only included as means of interacting with my application, the instructions clearly state that Postman is in no way related to my work with a link to the Postman website, and the “Terms of Service” for Postman are included in the artifact. The Postman app is in the artifact as a downloaded copy because the artifact needs to be self-contained and usable even without internet connection, meaning I cant just give a link for people to download Postman from. The artifact will then be archived and publicly available for download by anyone.


It is probably best to ask Postman directly, by sending an email to

Maybe Postman is not the best tool for your use case. Have you looked into generating an executable API documentation with Swagger?

Or simply use some cURL or newman, which is OSS.

The moment you put software in an archive, you expose anyone downloading it to an outdated version which:

  1. May not work in the future.
  2. Could contain bugs or security issues that were fixed in the upcoming releases.

ok thanks, I will email then.

I am actually already using a generated Swagger API. Postman, however, allows me to create a series of requests organized in folders that serve as a step by step walkthrough of the systems functionality while automating some things in the background using Postman scripts and variables.