Leveraging CURL

I am trying to leverage CURL in Postman by grabbing a file from my FTP site. I keep receiving the below error. Has anyone used CURL to do what I am trying to accomplish ? If so, your help is much appreciated.

Hi @lunar-module-astrona - welcome to the community! :rocket:

Could you provide a little more info about what you’ve tried and the error you’ve received? These guidelines on asking detailed questions can help get the answer you need more quickly.

How do I delete the above post ?

Did you sort out the issue? if so, I’d love to hear what worked in case others in the community are running into the same issue–this sort of knowledge is so helpful!

To delete your post, you can click on the three little dots next to the pencil icon for editing.

I did not fix the issue as of yet, however, I wanted to structure my question better.

OK, makes sense! Do you see the little pencil edit icon, or the three dots? If not, I can delete for you