Let Postman CLI present TLS client certification when making reques

I have a Postman collection that test a REST API functions. The server requires TLS mutual authentication.

The collection works fine in the Postman application, with client certification and key files setup.

Now I have been asked to run the test collection command line. The Postman CLI seems a good choice. However, I am unable to find options that to make the CLI tool ‘TLS mutual authentication’ aware.

So my questions are:

  • Is it possible for Postman CLI to present the client side certificate when make a request to the server?

  • If so, how should I set this? If there is no directory command line options, can that be set using system environment variables and of what names?

The image below shows the HTTPS request made by Postman application. The ‘key’ and ‘cert’ field of the ‘Client Certificate’ have been populated with the relevant information. I’d like to achieve the same with Postman CLI.


Let me answer my own question here…

The command line options for specifying TLS client key and cert are --ssl-client-key and --ssl-client-cert respectively.

These options are listed for Postman Newman in GitHub. These options work for the Postman CLI, based on my test…