Latest changes to Postman tests doesn't reflect in Newman


I’m noticing that any changes to tests in Postman isn’t reflected when running in Newman.

In Postman, I change the following text from ‘200ms’ to ‘100ms’.

console.log("Hello World!");

pm.test("C6 Verify response time is less than 100ms", function () {

In Newman, it is still getting ‘200ms’.

  GET [200 OK, 2.06KB, 172ms]
  │ 'Hello World!'
  √  C6 Verify response time is less than 200ms

In the newman command, I am passing the url collection instead of using the exported json file.

So, is there a way to clear the cache or something?
In order for Newman to get the latest test changes from Postman?

Hey @flight-pilot-7314884

You’re going to need to manually update the Public URL link, each time you make a change to the Collection.

This option will be in the same section where you created the shared link.

For this to be done in real time, you would need to use the Postman API URL, which would point to the various entities in the Newman command.

Hi @dannydainton ,

I understand now, thanks for this important info.
I have managed to get it done via manually clicking on ‘Update’ in the public URL section.
And I have also managed to do it via real time with the API.

Thanks alot!

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