Key Value Pair to replace raw JSON

Hi I am trying to make below Raw JSON as key-value. I am not sure what to use for "Children as it has nested array parameters



is what i have below is correct?

**Key                                                  value** 
Children.type                                  test
Children.PropertyNames[]           Name
Children.PropertyNames[]           PartitionID
Children.Propertvalues[]              209
Children.Propertvalues[]              112

@mkuriakose2000 Welcome to the Community :clap:

Since “Children” has nexted arrays, just that you need to add the index along.


Also please provide the complete JSON and what’s the idea behind taking key-value for JSON? Are you trying to reach out to the individual objects?

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Hi Thank you for the reply, full JSON is like below. I have only 2 arrays inside the child object (PropertyNames and Propertvalues) that needs to be represented as key-value and I am not sure of it


I need to convert this JSON to key-value because I am developing a REST call that only understands Key value. I want to do some test with this, REST call is not working so I think I am using a wrong format currently

I am planning to use key-value as below

Type -----------------------------------> software.type
PropertyNames[ ] -----------------------------------> Name
PropertyNames[ ] ------------------------------------> PartitionID
Propertyvalues[ ] -------------------------------------> testName
Propertyvalues[ ] -------------------------------------> testPartitionID
Children[ ].Type -------------------------------------> TestChildrenType
Children[ ].PropertyNames[ ] ------------------------------------> personal
Children[ ].PropertyNames[ ] ------------------------------------> clarence
Children[ ].Propertvalues[ ] ------------------------------------> 209
Children[ ].Propertvalues[ ] ------------------------------------> 112

Do you think above format is correct? please let me know

@mkuriakose2000 , Its almost correct. Please add index whenever you are accessing nested arrays :slightly_smiling_face:

Type -----------------------------------> software.type
PropertyNames[0 ] -----------------------------------> Name
PropertyNames[1 ] ------------------------------------> PartitionID
Propertyvalues[0 ] -------------------------------------> CKCle
Propertyvalues[1] -------------------------------------> 1234
Children[0 ].Type -------------------------------------> TestChildrenType
Children[0 ].PropertyNames[0 ] ------------------------------------> personal
Children[ 0].PropertyNames[1 ] ------------------------------------> clarence
Children[0 ].Propertvalues[0 ] ------------------------------------> 209
Children[ 0].Propertvalues[ 1] ------------------------------------> 112

Please try if this works :blush:

Thank you I think its working now :slight_smile:

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@mkuriakose2000 Great to hear :slightly_smiling_face: Have a good day… :innocent: