It's from the Student Expert Program/workshop SKILL CHECK LAST STEP

I have reached the skill check in the student expert workshop
but i am not able to the last step “add test Scripts”
I am having doubt in this
should I add anything to my Json body??
Why am I getting 400 Bad request?
What’s the syntax error in that code?

Did it tell you to add a request body? :thinking:

I’d also check the way that you’re setting the variable on line 3.

The second argument shouldn’t be a string, if you’re trying to capture the value of jsonData.rand

Thanks for replying .
But I removed the quotes in 3rd line still getting the same error
What could be the issue??

Yaa actually now got it
i had to change the value of the variable “responsedata” to response.rand in the collection
Then the code worked!!
Thanks a lot !!:slight_smile:

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