Add body data ( add data in body step)

In student expert training while doing added body data step.
Getting response as this seems to be HTML and not JSON.

Hi @raghavkhanna can you post screengrabs of your request setup so that people will be able to help?

here it is

So all of the steps in the skill check request cover the same skills you covered in the first two folders in the collection. If you check back in a previous request that you sent body data (in the first folder) you should be able to figure out the syntax error you have in your body data here. I don’t want to tell you what it is because the purpose of this request is to check you’re able to carry out the same steps independently… :slightly_smiling_face:

If you get stuck at any other parts of the skill check request please try looking back at the previous requests!

Thanks! i got the error and resolved it.

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Add Test script code to set a variable (collection or environment) named ‘responseData’, with the value from the response JSON rand property. Hint: You’ll need to Send the request twice after adding your code because it won’t save the value until after the response is received the first time.

What exactly i need to do here?? i’m stuck here from a long time, any help will be appreciated .