Issues with setting localeCompare to dk locale

Im having an issues with running my test using newman in jenkins, as our jenkis have a different locale than my PC, and what i want to test on.

The test is simple enough, i store an array from the response, filter something i want to sort by, and use localeCompare to sort the list, and compare the results.

sorted.sort(function (a, b) {return a.toLowerCase().localeCompare(b.toLowerCase(), 'da');})

But what i noticed was that i got different results from newman, than when i tested it worked in postman.

I think i have narrowed it down to the fact, that localeCompare uses intl to set the locale as part of the function, and i assume its not working because from my understanding postman doesnt support intl anymore, and therefor even tho i try to set it to ‘dk’, it defaults to machines locale ?

Is there any way for me to set the locale, for localeCompare, or does anyone have a smart alternative that could aid me sorting a list using the DK ruleset ?