Postman global variable is not identify in jenkins,Environment variable is identified


Need serious help on following issue

I have run my collection in newman with global and environment variable and its working awesome.
Now issue started when I try to run the same collection with variables in jenkins.

THe issue is with global variables, without use of it jenkins give me same result as display in newman (Enviromant variable is identified by jenkins)

Error snapshot is:

1.) Build configure setting
C:/Users/jkalaria/AppData/Roaming/npm/newman run D:/Nortek/Newman_Collection/Login/Login-Jenkins.postman_collection.json
-g D:/Nortek/Newman_Collection/Login/Local_Build.postman_globals.json
-e D:/Nortek/Newman_Collection/Login/Login.postman_environment.json

2.) Error snapshot:

Help is much appreciated, Thanks in advanced