Issue with OpenAPI Specification for Array Parameters in Que

I am encountering an issue with importing an OpenAPI specification into Postman. Specifically, Iā€™m having trouble with the populate parameter, which should be an array in the query string. Despite correctly defining it in the OpenAPI JSON, Postman generates URLs with incorrect formatting.

When I import this JSON into Postman, it generates URLs like {{baseUrl}}/users?populate=<string>&populate=<string> instead of the expected {{baseUrl}}/users?populate=*.

I need the populate parameter to be correctly represented as an array in the query string, so the URL should look like {{baseUrl}}/users?populate=* or {{baseUrl}}/users?populate=["*"].

Could you please provide guidance on how to correctly define the array query parameter in the OpenAPI specification to achieve the desired URL format in Postman?

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