Can we see complex OpenAPI schemas in Postman API Documentation?

I’m updating a prior question with a specific example:

Consider this bit of OpenAPI 3 as viewed from Swagger Editor. See how it is telling the client that function_arguments can be an array of anyOf number, string, boolean, as specified in my OpenAPI YAML.

Next see how Postman documentation treats the same method. Note that it only suggests that function_arguments can only be an array of number.

Two specific questions are:

  1. Is there any way now, or planned for the near future, for Postman to generate correct documentation for schemas like this one, which use intermediate-level features of OpenAPI? Or are we going to have to document manually in descriptions using Markdown?

  2. When validating collections against an API, will requests be fully validated against the original OpenAPI? Or will some fidelity be lost – e.g., in my example above will it only allow a number?

Thanks in advance.

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