Is there have to keep making the request example whenever I needed about what I want to do?

Hello all,

I’m beginner about the using the postman, and just ongoing to test about GET,POST method at mock server that i was created in the postman.

Actually, my question will be very simple and basically question but I want to check up to expert of postman users.

First, I was made a GET example for get a all users data like below.

and I was tried to find the user that the job was actor, but there are output the all data at response side like below.

According to the this result, is it need to make another GET example item for getting the find the name which has a job value is “actor”?.

So, I was tried to make a GET example for finding the “actor” value and the result was like below.

Am I understand correctly? or am i missing the something?

Hey @coolguyjm , welcome to the community forum!

Yes, you will need to send a new request every time you make a change to it.

Hello @arlemi,

Okay understood,

Thank you for your supports.!!

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