Is there any way to search the request body in history, or search by specific date?

Suddenly my history tab seems to be limited to “Yesterday”. But if I use the filter field, It will show historical requests from older dates. Before yesterday, my history was categorized by historical date without having to filter.

Where is all my history? I know it exists, because it shows up when I filter.
If I log into my Dashboard, online, only “Yesterday” is there.

I need to restore requests from 2 weeks ago, but I don’t have a filter value that will limit the search to just the dates I’m interested… so I’m stuck with just “Yesterday”.

Where is history stored locally, for the native app on linux?
Can I search it… for values in the request body?

There needs to be a way to periodically dump history (URLs, body, responses) locally, for archiving and historical reference. Not everything is worthy of being saved in a Collection. I want to back up my work and be able to search it.

Also… would be nice to have timestamps for requests in history.

Also… would be nice to just dump the console to a file for archiving, searching, referencing.

Hey @jrorke,

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Are able to share a screenshot or a video of the behaviour you’re currently seeing in the history tab?

Did you make those requests with the same Workspace? That might impact the requests you’re seeing in the history. The historical items will be shown differently in different workspaces.

would be nice to have timestamps for requests in history

Each of the requests has a timestamp already - If you mouse over the left side of the request, in the History tab, it will show this.


There seems to be a mixture of questions and potential feature requests here - For the feature requests, could you submit these on the Github tracker so there so be picked up by the team.

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Thanks for the response @dannydainton
Here are some pics of what I’m talking about…

Here is my history pane upon startup. No filtering. You can see that it shows I have historical requests from yesterday and also 9/12.

Immediately, this feels like a problem, because I know I have historical requests dating back to last year (or more).

So I go ahead and start trying to filter…

I type “update” in the history filter field. And, I do see (as I suspected) that Postman knows about more history than I was originally led to believe. I have requests dating back to last year.

So now I know that I can actually get to requests from many, many more days than Postman will let me navigate (when there is no filter applied)

I am actually looking for work that I was doing specifically on September 5th.

… continued

So now I decide to filter for requests containing “dev7” in the url. I find the work I’m looking for from September 5th.

But, if I had filtered on “_search” (which is clearly also in the url from work that day), I would not have found requests from September 5th (or many other days). Which is odd, because I know they are there.

So, I’m left wanting a better way to find stuff that I know is in Postman’s historical data store.
My inclination is to want to use “search” but search “everything” does not search history.

In this case, I got lucky, and was able to find what I was looking for with dev7… only because I was lucking enough to stumble across a value that seemed to filter correctly.

So my questions are these…

  • Is this history pane behavior a bug?
  • Why doesn’t the unfiltered history pane show me ALL of the dates it knows about? It seems like it used to. Did this feature change?
  • Is there a better way to navigate or search history?
  • Is there a way to access the history data, from outside of the Postman application?
  • Where is the history data?


Also… thank you for pointing out the request date in the hover text. I had forgotten that was there.


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