Is there any way to print logs when newman instances are runin parallel tp check performance

below is the script I am using to run newman, but the challenge is that it is not printing the logs,
ar path = require(‘path’), // ensures that the path is consistent, regardless of where the script is run from
async = require(‘async’), //
newman = require(‘newman’), // change to require(‘newman’), if using outside this repository

 * A set of collection run options for the paralle collection runs. For demonstrative purposes in this script, an
 * identical set of options has been used. However, different options can be used, so as to actually run different
 * collections, with their corresponding run options in parallel.
  @type {Object}
    options = {
    collection: path.join(__dirname, 'PerformanceTest.postman_collection.json'),
	environment: path.join(__dirname, 'APITestEnvironment.postman_environment.json'),

 * A collection runner function that runs a collection for a pre-determined options object.
 * @param {Function} done - A callback function that marks the end of the current collection run, when called.
parallelCollectionRun = function (done) {, done);

// Runs the Postman sample collection thrice, in parallel.



 * The
 * @param {?Error} err - An Error instance / null that determines whether or not the parallel collection run
 * succeeded.
 * @param {Array} result - An array of collection run summary objects.
function (err, results) {
    err && console.error(err);

    results.forEach(function (result) {
        var failures =;
        console.log(failures.length ? JSON.stringify(failures.failures, null, 2):
                     '${} ran successfully.');
	reporters: []


is there any way to print the newman logs , as it does when ran from command line in normal way, not in parallel,

@raj007 Newman triggers a whole bunch of events during the run.
You can attach your listeners to them and get the logs as the collection is being ran.

Newman API Reference:

You can scroll down a bit to section and see the example on how you can use the events.

You can attach the event listeners inside your parallelCollectionRun function.