Is it possible to stop id guids from updating all the time?

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We have recently started trying to use bitbucket to backup our collections. For the most part it works decent, but there is one issue we keep running into that is causing a lot of clutter in our pull requests. What we have seen is that a lot of the guids in the json file get randomly updated each time we create a new branch. Not only does this cause a lot of clutter when reviewing a PR but it also creates a lot of merge conflicts when merging one branch into another. Specifically when merging master into a branch after a recent PR has been merged. It wouldn’t be a problem if I could just accept all and move on but a lot of times there are specific changes I need to keep in areas that multiple people have touched. This means I have to sift through each one of these id updates. My latest conflict resolution had over 250 of these changes I needed to resolve and this will only grow as we continue to add more tests to the collection. If a collection has already created these ids once, why does it need to update them time and time again? See screenshot for a small example of what I’m talking about. I have had to resolve these changes multiple times now and it’s getting very frustrating. Is there a way we can prevent this from happening?

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This happens using both the backup collection integration as well as the code repository integration.

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As mentioned above, we’ve tried using both the backup collection integration and the code repo integration. Both workflows cause the same issue. It appears to be random. I don’t know how or why it happens and I can’t figure out how to stop it. I’ve also tried looking through the settings options but did not see anything that looked like it was related to this.

Did you already found a solution? I have the same issues…