Huge git diff due to dynamic uuids for headers

Hi all,
after the latest postman update, when I export my collection, say after updating one specific request, and push it to git, I see a huge diff. For each header a new uuid is generated. E.g.
This makes it hard to review PRs. Is this on purpose?

  • Platform Details:
    Version 11.0.7
    UI version- 11.0.7-ui-240506-0729
    Desktop platform version - 11.0.7
    Architecture - x64
    OS platform - win32 10.0.19045

Hey @lupadav :wave:

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How are you pushing this to git, is this via an export of the file and then committing that to a repo?

Are you only only seeing it on the headers or are the uuid changing everywhere?

Hi Danny,

yes exactly like this.

It’s only for the headers.

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Thanks for the confirmation, I’m going to sync with the team and ask about this.

I’ll update here once I have more information.

Hey, we have pushed a fix to remove the additional uuid property.

Could you confirm this on your side in the latest version, please?

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Great stuff I can confirm :tada:, the uuids are gone from the headers.
However also the “disabled” fields. Don’t know if that was intended.

The disabled property is only shown when the value is true, this property doesn’t show if the value is false (The header is disabled in the UI).

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Hi Danny, I can also confirm that the UUID issue is fixed for me in version 11.0.10

However, the removed ‘disabled’ property seems like it may be an actual issue to me.

I created this small collection with one enabled and one disabled header, exported it, and then re-imported it. The imported collection has both headers enabled.

Is this intended?

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Hey @andrewgresham,

Can you update and check this again please?

Looks like v11.0.11 did the trick, exporting collections is no longer removing that ‘disabled’ property for headers. Thanks!

There was one more thing I noticed though - when exporting our collections with v11 without modifying anything, there are still a lot of changes because the ‘type’ property is removed from the headers. Is that intentional?

It’s not as big of a deal as the UIID issue because those were being regenerated each import which caused merge conflicts with git - but it is still a very large diff (so I feel like this is still the right thread to ask this :sweat_smile:)

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@andrewgresham . AFAIK the type property is not a part of the header object in the collection schema.

Was that property previously added by Postman?

That is interesting, thanks for that link. Is there a version history on the schema?

The ‘type’ property is definitely added by postman. I checked the file history on some of the collections that go back several years and the initial commits had those values included in all of the headers.

We just created a new collection using postman version 10.24.24 and it exported it - and the ‘type’ attribute is present:

We then imported that file using version 11.0.11 and re-exported it and it removed that property from each header:

FWIW we have been exporting with v2.1 for the past few years

Please let me confirm what might be going on here internally and get back to you.

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