Is it possible to save excel file in postman collection response as an example?

I am creating postman collection for my project and we are having some endpoints which return excel file and I need to save it as an example in the endpoint.

Not able to save the excel file (In some readable format).

Since it is a excel file we can’t read it directly from the postman. Right !!!
As a response I am seeing something like this -

I am saving the request & response as an example but want the response in some readable format like excel file.

Is it possible to save any file in postman collection as an example ? (Other than json/text/html etc. which are available in postman)

Already know / Tried:
For getting the excel file from the request, we can use “Send & Download” button and then can save it with the expected file extension. (This will save the file locally in the system)

Thanks !!!