Compare Expected Excel with response in Postman

Hello guys,

I have tried to compare expected Excel with Postman response. Is it any automated way for doing this?

I have Excel stored and get request whch is presented like this:

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:

I’ve already tried:

I’m not sure what you mean by compare Excel.

Do you mean a work book, the whole file, a CSV file?

Can you break down what you are trying to do into smaller chunks and explain the process you are trying to follow?

Could you also post a screenshot of your request\response, and any code you’ve produced so far to help us understand what you are attempting.

I would like to compare sth like this:


My expected file looks like this and I would like to comapre it somehow using Postman in automated way.

That’s a binary file and I don’t think it’s possible to parse it within Postman to enable you to assert against the data inside it.

You would probably need another API that can do the parsing, which would require some development skills.

The following is an example of parsing PDF’s, but it would be a similar process. It’s an fairly advanced task.

How to parse PDF files in Postman - YouTube

If the spreadsheet was a CSV file\text instead of binary, you could use the CSV Parse library which is available in the Postman sandbox.

Postman JavaScript reference | Postman Learning Center

CSV Parse - Usage