Is it possible to output 'collection|folder|request link'?

Is it possible to output ‘collection|folder|request link’ in the console?
(Link which is generated by ‘link icon’ beside collection|folder|request name…)


thx in Advance

Hi @rafalpolnicki. Welcome to the Postman Community.

This is currently not possible in Postman. I will recommend you raise a feature request here.

Thx for answer. I just created ‘new request’ >>link
wonder when it could be done? :sweat_smile:

Hey @rafalpolnicki

What would be the usecase behind needing this to be displayed in the console?

Can you explain more about your flow and how this would be used?

Hello Danny Dainton

tl;dr - after sending request and getting response my code generate in [Visualize] tab, code with buttons like:

Button [Copy to JIRA] generate Markdown Text code - (ready to copy to Jira) - with request, response , headers, endpoints, etc…
So it will be very useful to also add LINK to specific postman folder/request - but to do that I need to get postaman_link value.

ps. Next step will be to add Button to automatically create jira ticket via Jira_API.

Hope I clarify what I need :sweat_smile:

Thx in advance for response


Taken from here.

[Feature Request] Ability to read the collection and folder names in sandbox · Issue #6926 · postmanlabs/postman-app-support · GitHub

You can now access the request path in the sandbox with the following:

  • pm.execution.location returns the full path of → Collection,folder,request
  • pm.execution.location.current returns the current location of execution.

This is available on the December release of the app, v10.21

For example…



@ michaelderekjones

I know ‘pm.execution.location.current’ but this is different …

I want to get LINK which is generated by this button:
2024-02-13 13_07_47-shop -


I don’t think there is anyway to programmatically get that link, but hopefully someone from Postman will be able to answer more definitively.

There isn’t anything in the sandbox to get that or construct anything that looks like that.

As Mike mentioned there are those commands in the sandbox to get the names but you wouldn’t be about the get the id.

There could be something you could do with the Postman API but that would be a long winded solution just to get that some output.

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