Introducing Postman’s API Uptime Monitor in Open Beta

Postman announced the open-beta release of the uptime monitor, a simplified Postman monitor designed for API endpoint uptime monitoring. An uptime monitor continuously tests the availability of a public HTTP(s) domain—a website or an API endpoint. It collects time-series data, visualizes the data, and alerts users of system-outage incidents in a timely manner. Ultimately, Postman uptime monitors help users, from software developers to DevOps engineers to business program managers, more quickly detect system-outage issues.

The uptime monitoring feature is only available in the web-based Postman application (it’s not yet available on the client-side apps). You can use the feature for free during the open-beta period, with a limit on the number of uptime monitors that your team can create.

Learn more by checking out our Learning Center documentation, and then try it out for yourself. Your feedback will help us continue to improve the feature, so please let us know what you think. You can give product feedback through our GitHub repository.


Wow! :magic_wand: Cheers to all the hard work :tada: