Integrating Sitecore and HubSpot Form Submissions

Hi All,

I am new to postman and the development world as I am interested in learning more about connecting integrations. Does anyone know if postman can be used to solve my end goal?

The end goal is to link Sitecore and HubSpot so whenever a form submission occurs on a Sitecore form, the submission automatically goes to HubSpot.

From my understanding the form submission would need to be stored on the Sitecore server. You would then use this endpoint( to get the information in HubSpot.

Could the form data be sent to postman from Sitecore then HubSpot request the information via that endpoint above? Any feedback here is appreciated…

Hey @karlonstb. First of all, welcome to the community. :smile:

From what I could understand, you would probably hit the HubSpot API with the data submitted in the Sitecore form. For this to work, I am assuming you have some sort of programmatic trigger for every form submission.

If that is the case, you could use a Postman monitor to do this for you. Here’s what the workflow would look like:

  • Create a collection that has the HubSpot form submit request, or more, let’s say a slack webhook or something.
  • Create a monitor on top of that collection.
  • Based on the trigger that a form is registered, hit the Postman API to run that monitor.

Hope this helps, feel free to reach out in case you have additional querries.