Installation Directory Windows

Hi, there is problem with installer it does not asks me where do I want to install Postman, instead it chooses to bloat my AppData\Local directory. Did I somehow downloaded some malware that wants to kill my precious system drive, or I simply can’t find normal installer? :frowning:


@sztosz Hey! Customizable install destination is not supported at the moment in our installer. We are keeping an eye on this request and would keep you posted on this.

Would also like to see customizeable install directory. I need to install SW on Citrix VDI. Current method of installation doesn’t work in a pooled, non-persistent environment like Citrix.

If you copy the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Postman\ directory to the desired location, it seems to work fine.

I also want this feature implemented. I like to install applications to a separate drive if possible.

Is this still not a thing? Seems kind of crazy to not have this option and it makes it super annoying to have to install multiple times when you are using two users on the same machine.

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