How to download postman on a server for multiple users to be able to use with the same certificates and settings

Every time I download postman it downloads onto my desktop and it is set to the file path for only my user. I’m trying to download it in a location that is not set to my profile. This is so multiple people use it and also use it with the same certificates and settings so that a whole team can use it. Is this possible? Why doesn’t postman give you the option to change the file path when using the installer?

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Hi there Dylan -

According to the Postman End-user license agreement, usage is intended for an individual account. Upgrading to a paid team plan would accommodate multiple users.

I am a team user and I need for security reasons need user to be able to query from a remote desktop. The installs of postman seem to be user specific and would like an option to install into a location that is shared by all the profiles. I can not recall the programs that do this but many programs ask me if I want to share an application with everyone or not and this is what I am looking for.

This morning when I logged on to my server and tried to open Postman the desktop link told me that i had a new edition of Postman on the machine and should …

I can only assume that another user upgraded their version of postman and now mine will not open.

Hi @brian.jones!

We have an open feature request for customizability during install:

As to your second question, are you seeing a prompt to migrate to version 7 of Postman?

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No it would freeze on the loading screen

I uninstalled all versions of Postman then reinstalled and move the install directory and now it is making money.