Individual running request give 201 in collection give 413

If I run http POST request individually it’s giving 201 response code, but same request when I run in a collection, its giving 413 response code & all subsequent POST request present in collection are giving 413 error.

Refer : eth_getCode RPC Method | Ethereum Documentation
You need to get an API Key to run this.

My response size for below request is ~23 KB

In Postman Settings–> General,
I tried “Max response size” = 50 & 0
But in both case got 413 error.

Try with below body-

    "method": "eth_getCode",
    "params": [
    "id": 1,
    "jsonrpc": "2.0"

I followed the link you provided and pasted the curl into Postman. It runs fine as an individual request and if run through collection runner. Both return 200 for me.

Have you tried copying the curl and pasting it into a new request?
Individual POST:

Runner POST:


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