Incomplete API schema to collection sync


I successfully set up a 2 way OpenAPI 3.0 sync with a Gitlab repo but have been running into issues when trying to use collections.

I am running into the same issue described in the following Github comment

I generated a “documentation” collection based on the schema pulled from Gitlab which has all the correct initial values but if changes are done to the schema, whether in Gitlab or the Postman “definition” tab, it can only sync certain fields when re-validating.

Here are my steps and screenshots to help describe the issue:

  • Initial state with TEST added in various places (name, param description and response body). (Screenshot 01)
  • Removed all TEST from schema
  • Clicked on the “Validate again” in the “overview” tab
  • Confirmed changes in the collection which only captured the name modification. (Screenshot 04)
  • Got the collection updated confirmation
  • Final state with TEST only removed from the name. (Screenshot 06)

If I generate a new collection instead, TEST is correctly removed everywhere.

Side note:
Gitlab API integration also seems to have a bug which doesn’t look into subgroups when searching for projects in a specific “GitLab SaaS group”