I'm getting a 502 bad gateway error on the postman link

I’m getting a 502 bad gateway error even though the postman json file is 3mb. It was working properly yesterday. The link suddenly started getting an error. I updated the postman link, but the error continues. When I run with docker, I get the following error. Can you help me?


Hi @ozaneseriu ,

Error code 502 occurs when you are unable to get a valid response and for this there can be multiple reasons. You can refer the link.

Regarding the error for unexpected token ‘<’. SInce error response was returned from server instead of JSON response, HTML page was returned with 502 status code.

Can you share some more details for the issue.

We were seeing an increasing number of 502s coming from one of the services following a change, that was rolled back a couple of hours ago.

Are you still facing the same issue?