Getting Unknown error(Error Code:554) when executing Json request in Postman

When I am trying to execute Json request in Postman, sometimes getting the following error. Not sure why. The same request works after I RESTART Postman. Do anybody knows why this is happening? Tried looking for this online and forums, but couldn’t get any information. I am using POST request, but not sure it has any connection with that.

“Unknown error(Error Code:554)”

I am using Postman Version 9.0.8 win32 10.0.19044 / x64

Any solution other than restarting Postman or any workaround for this?

Hi @sebaspany

What are you trying to send in your POST?
Could you screenshot it?

I am sending json request. Attaching a screenshot. For privacy reason, I changed the attribute names in the request. What I noticed is that after certain time of inactivity, the same request which was working before gives a 554 error. If you RESTART Postman and try the same failed request again, it works.

Hi @w4dd325
Any fix/recommendation on this? It will be great if there is a workaround for this other than restart. If you need more info let me know.

Not sure to be honest…

What’s the API supposed to be doing?
Is it related to SMTP? (Google search on that status suggests so).

Hi @ w4dd325,
Thanks for your response.
No, it has nothing related with SMTP. It is a normal REST POST call that fetches data from database.

Yes, having the same problem and been living with the work around for almost an year. Any solution or work arounds apart from restart is highly appreciated.