I got this message "msg": "Invalid value given"

I am using Curl method with this command:

curl --cookie cookies.log --cookie-jar cookies.log -X POST --data '[{"always":true,"plate":"HHKF1114"}]'

but the result is:

    "msg": "Invalid value given.",
    "status": "error"

Actually I don’t know what is the reason of that error?

Thanks for all

Is that endpoint\URL correct?

I don’t know many endpoints that that end with .txt

If you are unsure of the format of a request, you can use the Postman proxy or Interceptor which is similar to the Chrome DEV tools.

Turn on the proxy, submit your request through the UI, and it will record the requests so you can work out the headers, and check that you have the general format of a request correct.

That looks like a fairly simple request using a JSON body, so you should be able to just create a Request in Postman with those parameters.