I can see the users list but can't add a new one

Hello, everyone!

My question: I can see a members list but I can’t add a new one (or doing smth wrong cause I’m new in postman). At “1.” in section below I added screenshots of GET a members list and everything is ok. At “2.” I added a POST where I’m trying to add a new guest member. Maybe it looks stupid for someone advanced:/

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem: When trying to add New Guest Member

I’ve already tried:
-adding params in params tab
-adding params in form-data tab
-fill the whole params

Your getting an internal server errors, so its not liking the request that is being sent.

It’s not a Postman issue, but the data that is being sent. Which we can’t answer for you.

You will need to review the specification for the API to work out what it needs.

A well documented API should tell you exactly what it needs. Authentication, headers, type of request, etc. Hopefully with examples.

On a side note, the API shouldn’t really crash like this and should handle incorrect requests in a more dignified manner. It might be ok if its an internal API. Not so great if its a public one.

The documentation proved to be more useful after careful study, thanks!