HTML Reports from Postman client?

Hi Here,

Is it possible to either convert a JSON report from Postman to HTML or Ideally generate an HTML report straight from Postman?

I know you can do it with Newman, and I have done it many times. But it would make life easier if it could be done from inside the Postman client.

I’m in the process of moving the team over to postman and want it to be a smooth as possible, with as little friction as possible :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @cruxto ,

When we run postman collection inside postman client, it gives automatically report in UI. For example:

This can be used to analyze the test cases.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Cheers pranavdavar,
It’s a good starting point, But we want to use it as test evidence for the features we are testing.
Some of our collections are quite large which is difficult to capture as evidence without exporting the collection and running in Newman.

Hi @cruxto,

Your use case gave me a great idea.

You can use export option to save the results of the collection runner in JSON format.

Now to visualize, you may use postman echo api and postman visualizer to render json data to html page.

I have created one visualizer in my postman collection. Do try it
Run in Postman

Please let me know your feed back. Below is the direct link to the request.

the output of visualizer will look like:

Hi @pranavdavar,

This is really cool, I wouldn’t have thought of doing it this way.

Do you know a way of exporting the HTML from the visualiser?

Thanks very much for your quick response. :+1:

If we have json output available, we can view it as HTML as many times as we want. By just sending a request to the template
No need to store extra HTML.

Still if you want then you can do debug of visualizer and download the html.

Perfect, Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thank you too, you gave a beautiful use case to think.

I have curated the above use case in the blog also.

Do let me know your thoughts.