Postman Request Bodies Export

Is there a way to export request bodies on postman?
I have 100+ iterations on the runner and i just want to export all request bodies into one file as reference

Hi @aaronskie99

I’m not 100% sure I follow what you are trying to do. But in your collection, you can go into documents and click on the “view collection” option at the bottom. This will give you a list of all response bodies (and other info too) in the collection. (But not specific details from the test runner).


You can then publish this information if you choose, it would be a public workspace that gives you a URL to access the information.

Another option would be to install HTMLExtra and run your tests via Newman. This would output all information for each test in a tidy HTML report.

Hope this helps?

Hello @aaronskie99, Welcome to the community :tada:

I don’t think there is a one click export right now, but we are always open for your suggestions and feature request. Also, for now, you can get things done by automating your Collection runner.

Few easy steps in short:

  1. Log your response in collection runner.
  2. Sent it to desired API using collection webhooks.

Cheers :smiley: