How to validate the 500,501 and 502 Http codes without stopping the service

Guide me to test the webservice without stopping to achieve 500,501 and 502 http code.

Dev team is implementing some error code standard for an existing web services in that there are few error codes 400,401,500,501 and 502. I need to test these error codes. When they stop the server or changing the server with incorrect Url. I can able to test few error codes but other team is using the same service so if they would it will impact other teams.

Hi @ganeshneed!

I understand you would like to test API response without affecting the actual service.

Postman has mock server feature that is designed exactly for that purpose! Hopefully you will find this useful :wink:

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yes, I need to test only the particular Http code 500,501 and 502, I believe using mock server we can the scenarios but I want to test the actual end point Url. Thank you so much for your comment.